Welcome to vreana.md!!

History: I am a college graduate with a double-degree in computer systems engineering and German. I started designing and making jewelry in early 2005. Since then, my perfectionism has driven me to improve the quality of my products. I use crimps to secure necklaces and bracelets and sterling silver for earrings.

Mission: I strive to use only genuine and natural beads and rarely use plastic, glass, or dyed beads. All products are clearly labeled with their materials.

Buy: Check out the links above to see some of my creations and email me with the labels of the item(s) in which you are interested. If you would like an item that is labeled as “sold” or “currently unavailable,” please email me and I may be able to make a new one.

Custom jewelry:  If you have any specific ideas, I also make custom jewelry. I’ve made a couple custom necklaces in the past as well as bulk stretchy bracelets for a fundraiser.

Repairs:  I am also able to make small repairs and modifications to various types of existing jewelry items. Some options include clasp exchanges, extensions, and other minor repairs.

I will keep adding to the various pages over time, so please check back often for new items!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


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